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Astrology is the system of using astrological signs and relating them to events and actions of people on earth. The constellations in the zodiac are derived from ancient astrology. It explains a person’s fate and character by using the place of birth, time of birth, and the position of Celestial bodies.

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A good reading can motivate and make people happy! It also helps to uncover the status of love, career, health, marriage, and wealth and the possibilities that lie ahead.  That’s why at Celestial Prediction, we aim to make it enjoyable and continue to bring happiness to everyone. We hope to support people through the tough times and keep them happy during the good times.

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Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel guarding and loving them. Your Guardian Angel may change over time according to your level of maturity, needs, etc. 


Before you draw a card, first ask your question in your mind. Your Guardian Angel will lead you to draw the card.  This card will explain your current situation and determine the best course of action based on your question.

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Capricorn Key Traits: Conservative, diligent, practical, realistic and sensitive. Biggest Strengths: Ambitious, dependable, hardworking, responsible and self-reliant. Biggest Weaknesses: Cold, pessimistic, rigid, stubborn and work-obsessed.

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Sagittarius Key Traits: Discerning, extroverted, independent, optimistic and outspoken. Biggest Strengths: Adventurous, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, honest and innovative. Biggest Weaknesses: Flaky, impulsive, naïve, rebellious and tactless.

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Scorpio Key Traits: Discreet, guarded, mysterious, passionate and stoic. Biggest Strengths: Brave, charismatic, honest, persistent and loyal. Biggest Weaknesses: Controlling, jealous, morbid, obsessive and vengeful.

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